[blank] – Sueño Out NowMonday, March 26th, 2012

Our brand new release, [blank] – Sueño, opens here our series of series. It sees us visiting again the amazing world of ambient, chill out and experimental music. Sueño is a work that has no equivalent out there, showcasing a musical research within the field of concrete and contemporary music, leaving the listener with little clues about what he just experienced and what is to come !

Here lies the key of this release: we invite you to play it without expectations, just play it, and see what happens.

While you might very well enjoy this as background music, we definitely hope you will have an amazing, multidimensionnal immersion into the sound during a true listening session.

[blank] is available at all major digital shops, but we highly encourage you to get it via our Bandcamp page, where you can find the Limited CD edition as well !

[blank] is an artist that has no presence in the digital space: no facebook, soundcloud or anything… but you can still get in touch with him, if you feel like doing so => blankmusic000@gmail.com

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Monotonium (remixes) – FREE DL on Bandcamp !Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Yes, if you follow us on Facebook or Youtube you probably came across Substep Infrabass’ brand new release already.

“Three years after the release of his original tune “Monotonium”, Substep Infrabass is back on F4T with the compilation “Monotonium (Remixes)”. The cool thing is, he took care of the A&R and got fellow producers Be-1ne, Crises, Egoless, King Slaff, m3t4 and Vishnu involved. Each producers approached the original track in his own way, keeping it soulfull and massive while driving the sound even deeper.”

Go to F4TMusic’s Bandcamp and download this one for free !

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F4TMusic News goes audio on SoundcloudTuesday, September 13th, 2011

Hey F4T people,

You will find all the good news about the label by playing this little audio clip. Hope you like that format, let us know what you think !

F4TNews #1 – 110913 by F4TMusic

- The tune “Toys” is for free in the last Tsugi Compilation: http://bit.ly/o8g0m5
- Shinigami San @ Riddim Collision – Lyon (France): http://bit.ly/pPC2Dc
- The album “Toys” is now live on the various digital outlets (Beatport / itunes / junodownloads, etc…) but keep in mind ordering through f4tmusic.bandcamp.com is the best way to support us directly !
- Shinigami is preparing a mix for Rob Booth’s Electronic Exploration… Can’t wait really ;)

That’s it, hope you enjoy and follow us on soundcloud / facebook / twitter for more instant updates about the label.

Cheers !

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