Winter sales ! Live Now !Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Go ahead to the shop section, you can get Shinigami San’s and Dr Pytor’s album together at a very special price!

Winter Sale Deal

We ship anywhere in the world, there is no country restrictions regarding this offer. Some sort of no brainer deal really, got get it !

Dr Pytor – introduction to Zoology is out there !Monday, December 19th, 2011

Dr Pytor’s disc is up on Chemical Records, Amazon and of course our Bandcamp Page !

To discover this fantastic album, what’s best than this mix by Paide for Radio Alternator:

The CD collector edition of this release has been produced by hand, all printed and numbered individually. Also don’t forget the goodies : #Wallpaper#Gorgeous Video clip realized by Dr Pytor himself.

Out Now ! INFRA – Sonic EPThursday, July 28th, 2011

Yes finally our new production hits the digital outlets: Beatport, Track it down, Digital tunes, Juno… and many more have been supplied yet, iTunes to come shortly.

INFRA – Sonic Ep has been featured on Digital Tunes and found its way in the playlist of Von D, DFRNT, Compa, Dj Kion, Dj Foster and DVNT to name a few. Shouts to them and to all of you who support our sound.

By the way, you can still download INFRA – Nordic Underground against a tweet, until the 6th of August ;)

We are crafting Shinigami San’s album right now, but that’s another story… For now enjoy, share and rinse that amazing release from the mighty INFRA !

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